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Close-up view of dark chocolate bars

Ecuadorian Brand Conexión Chocolate now in Brazil

::: [English] ::: The Ecuadorian chocolate brand Conexión Chocolate, by way of the importer Bricake, entered the Brazilian chocolate market with its derivatives. They in turn participated with their products in the APAS fair in Brazil. Since joining, they have already participated in marketing ac...
A stack of delicious chocolate tablet blocks

A Complete Schematic Guide to Ecuadorian Chocolate Tablets

After creating the schematic guide to chocolate bars in Peru, it is Ecuador's turn. Again, I start from the results of the International Chocolate Awards in order to start building this guide that includes only chocolate bars and leaves out the chocolates or other types of final product made with...
Conexion Chocolate 85% bar

Clearing Up the Confusion in Labeling Chocolate

What is ‘craft’ chocolate? How about ‘artisanal,’ ‘virgin’ or ‘sustainable’ chocolate? These are just some of the myriad terms used by chocolate-makers and chocolatiers in an attempt to define their products and methods, and to market them to consumers. There are of course many other terms – loca...
Ecuador to Empire: The Journey of Grocer's Daughter Chocolate

Ecuador to Empire: The Journey of Grocer's Daughter Chocolate

Chocolate making is an incredible journey. For Grocer’s Daughter this journey starts in Ecuador. Near the small town of Calceta, in western Ecuador, sits the Fortaleza Del Valle cocoa cooperative. Nearly 900 small family cacao farms rely on the cooperative to obtain expensive Fair Trade and Organ...
Chocolate Tour 2019: Ecuador

Chocolate Tour 2019: Ecuador

Ecuador 2019 Join us for a delicious journey into the origins of fine chocolate. Dates: April 22–29, 2019 Conexión Chocolate invites you to Ecuador! Visit farmers working to preserve Ecuador’s fine flavored Nacional cacao and hone your skills as a chocolatier with founder and trip host Jenny Sam...
Conexion Chocolate – Cocoa Runners

Conexion Chocolate – Cocoa Runners

Conexión Chocolate, founded by Jenny Samaniego in 2016, was rebranded as “Conexión” from its original name, Chukulat, to pay homage to its mission of ‘connecting’ local cacao farmers with lovers of fine Ecuadorian chocolate. Conexión, making its chocolate at origin, works directly with cocoa farm...