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Ethical Sourcing

Several cacao pods on the branch of a cacao tree on farmland in Ecuador

Ethical sourcing has come to be a phrase many use with very little meaning behind their words. At Conexion, we walk the walk. Our team, including our founder, work hand in hand with the cacao farmers we partner with to produce incredible cacao that is packed with flavor.

By its nature, cacao is a collaborative crop. To realize its full potential, cacao must be carefully fermented in large quantities after its harvest. For this reason we work directly with farmers’ cooperatives in each region of Ecuador, supporting over 4000 small farmer families. These farmers and cooperatives are dedicated to organic practices and the preservation of the fine Ecuadorian Nacional cacao. We are committed to paying fair prices to our producers, the empowerment of women, involving young people in the sector (generational relief), and incentivizing education. By sourcing directly from cacao cooperatives and working together with them on projects, we are the connection between hard-working producers in Ecuador and professionals and chocolate lovers all over the world.

Traceability (Co-Ops)

We work together with these five cooperatives to source the cacao for our bars and couvertures. Each cooperative brings a unique flavor profile or terroir to the chocolate due to their location in the country.

APOVINCE Co-Op cacao farmer tending to the cocoa beans from harvest in Ecuador.


  • Province: Los Ríos
  • Town: Vinces
  • Farmers: 450
  • Elevation: <450m above sea level
  • Climate: 20°C - 30°C tropical monsoon
  • Project: We work with the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund and the farmers cooperative APOVINCES in Los Ríos province to preserve old trees of Nacional Cacao, in what is often called the birthplace of Nacional.
Conexion Chocolate founder Jenny Samaniego together with a group of farmers from the UOPROCAE Co-Op located in the town of Atacames, Ecuador.


  • Province: Esmeraldas
  • Town: Atacames
  • Farmers: 469
  • Elevation: 15 meters above sea level
  • Climate: Tropical subhumid, 23°C average
  • Project: We started an initiative with UOPROCAE and Rikolto to encourage young cacao farmers. Half of all profits from our new line of Young Farmers Chocolate Bars go directly to these young farmers to help them with training and equipment to grow their new farms.
A family of cacao farmers from the El Finquerito Co-Op located in the town of Puerto Quito, Ecuador.

El Finquerito

  • Province: Pichincha
  • Town: Puerto Quito
  • Farmers: 40
  • Elevation: 500m-1200m above sea level
  • Climate:Rainy tropical, 25°C average
Conexion Chocolate founder Jenny Samaniego with the farmers from the Fortaleza del Valle Co-Op in town of Calceta, Ecuador.

Fortaleza Del Valle

  • Province: Manabi
  • Town: Calceta
  • Farmers: 1016
  • Elevation: 6m-350m above sea level
  • Climate: Tropical humid, 24°C average
Conexion Chocolate founder Jenny Samaniego working with UNOCACE Co-Op cacao farmer, located in the Guayas province in Ecuador.


  • Province: Guayas
  • Town: Durán
  • Farmers: 2140
  • Elevation: 4m-800m above sea level
  • Climate: Tropical savanna and tropical monsoon, 24°C average