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Environmental and Social Projects

Conexion Chocolate founder Jenny Samaniego and team walking down bridged path with local cacao farmers in Ecuador

As a company, we are committed to working towards bringing respect and value to the Ecuadorian cacao producers and leaving as little impact as possible on our earth. Much of this work is done through the choices we made in producing our chocolate. We also play a significant role in the following programs, which strive to meet those goals within the industry.

Cacao trees with several cacao pods on farmland in Ecuador.

Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund (HCP)

Our Founder, Jenny Samaniego, serves on the Board of Directors of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund. This organization was formed in collaboration with the USDA in response to the global pressures of environmental change, deforestation, and economic influences threatening the world’s supply of high quality, flavorful cacao. Recognizing that these endangered cacao trees are the foundation for not only delicious chocolate, but also the livelihood of many farmers and farming communities, the HCP is the first initiative to identify and map the world’s finest cacao and designate growers of these endangered trees.

Current work focuses on protecting heirloom cacao trees and improving the lives of cacao farmers and their families.

Above, three Conexion Chocolate bars from the Young Farmers collections. Below, a young farmer holding a sack of cocoa beans.

Young Farmers Project

Without a new generation of cacao farmers, the legacy of heirloom Nacional cacao in Ecuador is at risk. Our Young Farmers Project aims to support the development and empowerment of young producers of fine aroma cacao to continue in the industry. They are the future of fine cacao and great promoters of conservation of water sources and local fauna and flora.

Through a partnership with the UOPROCAE cooperative - located in Esmeraldas, Ecuador - we are able to work closely with young cacao farmers aged 18 to 35. We contribute technical and commercial development in an inclusive and innovative business model for young farmers.

Our Young Farmers Collection of chocolate bars is made only with quality heirloom Nacional cacao produced by young farmers from the UOPROCAE cooperative. The production of this cocoa involves a great effort. We look forward to your support for our young producers. They are the bright future of chocolate!

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Event during Cacao and Chocolate Summit with a speaker and attending guests seated in the venue auditorium.

Cacao and Chocolate Summit

The Cacao and Chocolate Summit works to connect stakeholders within all sectors of the fine cacao and chocolate industry. These connections strive to address current factors impacting the cacao industry, teach and inspire young producers and professionals, and promote sustainability throughout the value chain. Our founder, Jenny Samaniego, is deeply involved in the coordination of this organization in addition to being a regular speaker and panelist.

Get involved with the Cacao and Chocolate Summit by joining their monthly sessions on the third Wednesday of every month at 1pm EST, or attending the annual two day summit.