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  • The 6th Annual Cacao & Chocolate Summit

    May 30 & 31, 2024

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Hands holding cocoa beans, invitation to the Cacao and Chocolate Summit 2020 Online

Cacao and Chocolate Summit 2020 Online

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The Cacao and Chocolate Summit Online event is a digital exhibition taking place on May 27–28 that will bring together representatives of the entire cocoa and chocolate industry in Latin America and the United States to share examples and best practices in the response to Covid-19.

Panel discussions will be held for cocoa producers, exporters, chocolate manufacturers, NGOs, and government representatives who will share their experiences and predictions for the future.

This online event will be joined by this year's Cacao and Chocolate Summit which has been postponed until September.

Cacao and Chocolate Summit is organized by CONEXIÓN CHOCOLATE in association with the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA), along with the support of Rikolto in Latin America: VECO, Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate and Maximizing Opportunities in Coffee and Cacao in the Americas (MOCCA).

More information on the official event page:

Full press releases can be found here:

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El evento Online de Cacao and Chocolate Summit es una exposición digital que reunirá este 27 y 28 de mayo a representantes de toda la industria del cacao y el chocolate en América Latina y los Estados Unidos para compartir ejemplos y mejores prácticas en la respuesta a Covid-19.

Se tendrá paneles de discusión para productores de cacao, exportadores, fabricantes de chocolate, ONGs y representantes gubernamentales los cuales compartirán sus experiencias y predicciones para el futuro.

A este evento en línea se sumará el Cacao and Chocolate Summit de este año que se pospuso hasta septiembre.

Cacao and Chocolate Summit es organizado por CONEXIÓN CHOCOLATE en asociación con Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA), con el apoyo de Rikolto in Latin America: VECOGrocer’s Daughter Chocolate, y Maximizando las Oportunidades en el Café y el Cacao en las Américas (MOCCA).

Más información en la página web oficial del evento:

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