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Introducing Our New Sales Ambassador!

Introducing Our New Sales Ambassador!

 Anne Boulley is also known as Artisanne Chocolatier. She discovered a love for chocolate work after her years of food writing for popular food magazines, and then working as a pastry chef for her own cafe on the Southern Oregon Coast. "My favorite work was creating chocolate truffles and mendiants for my guests". Anne likes to get to the source of each ingredient and become knowledgeable about it. Artisanne is a play on the words "Art is Anne" and "Artisan" which both describe the reason she loves being a chocolatier. Working as a chocolatier can be done using artisanal techniques with high quality ingredients and it is also a very artistic medium as. you can see by looking through her Instagram account:

Anne will help you by answering questions and helping you decide on which orders will work best for your creations. Contact Anne by email at

Anne says of this new opportunity, 
"I am so happy to be a part of this woman owned company that is 100% committed to preserving the World’s finest heirloom cacao and also their above and beyond standards for working with farmers and co-ops in Ecuador to produce a chocolate that one can be proud to use. Owner Jenny Samaniego has created the connection between the farmers and their co-ops of this award winning chocolate and the chocolatiers, chefs and customers. The terms direct trade and quality are paramount to Conexíon Chocolate’s business practice. That is why I am eager to work with them."

Look for more recipes, technique videos, LIVE chats, competitions and more as she develops a community for Conexión Chocolate customers.

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