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Conexión Virgin 70% with Cacao Nibs Dark Chocolate Bar | Keto Friendly, Organic

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Product Description

Cacao nibs are the perfect addition to our raw 70% chocolate, adding a subtle crunch and burst of pure cacao flavor to the bar. This bar is made with our gently/minimally roasted cacao, allowing the true flavors of the heirloom cacao to shine. This process brings a powerful floral aromas and fruity flavors of green apple and fresh cacao pulp, which pair well with the crunchy texture of nibs.

This is the sustainable chocolate you’ve always wanted, organic and sourced directly from farms who we know personally. Made with cacao sourced from the Apovinces co-op in Los Rios, Ecuador. Crafted from bean to bar, right here in the country of origin.

Certified organic and vegan. Heirloom Cacao Preservation designated.