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Conexión Virgin Flash Roast Collection 4 Pack Variety Flavors | Gift Box, 7.4 OZ

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Product Description

Taste heirloom Nacional cacao in its purest expression with our line of minimally roasted chocolate bars. This heirloom variety of cacao offers a unique glimpse into the history of cacao with its full-bodied, cacao-forward, yet fruity flavor profile. Minimal processing allows these natural flavors to shine. Made in Ecuador, the country of origin, with a commitment to building the local chocolate industry. 

What's in the box:

  • (1) Virgin with Cacao Nibs 70%, Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (1) Pink Salt & Cacao Nibs 70%, Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (1) Virgin 85%, Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (1) Virgin With Cacao Nibs 100%, Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (1) Anise & Quinoa 85%, Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar