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CONEXIÓN Fortaleza 64% Couverture Chocolate Discs | Bulk Coating Bag

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Product Description

This lighter dark chocolate balances a sweet caramel note and elegant cacao with red fruits, macadamia, then molasses with a buttery finish. Our couvertures are the ideal chocolate discs for use in home baking and ice cream making, as well as for chocolatiers in professional kitchens and bakeries of all sizes. They are also available in bulk for use in bakeries, chocolate shops, and ice cream shops.

Fortaleza 64% is ideal for:

  • molding and chocolate bars
  • enrobing/coating
  • ganache
  • ice creams and sorbets
  • beverages
  • sauces
  • baking

Pairs well with:

  • rosé wines
  • vodka
  • pink fruits
  • raspberries
  • goji berries

Fair Trade Mission

This is organic chocolate you can feel great about, starting with a close relationship with our farmers and full of only the highest quality ingredients. Made with cacao sourced from the Fortaleza del Valle co-op in Manabí, Ecuador. Made right here in the country of origin, highlighting the terroir of this special place.

Cocoa of Excellence award winner.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anne Grover
This is wonderful chocolate

This is how Chocolate is supposed to taste, I am starting to learn how to make candy and eventually start a candy company and this will be my only chocolate supplier I will use. I wanted to make candy for a long time because the stuff on the shelfs is either really really healthy which is okay but not tasty or its cut with wax and other fillers, this stuff, this is the real stuff.

So much flavor in this dark chocolate!

Probably the best hot chocolate I have ever made and enjoyed at home has been possible with these flavor-packed little couverture discs! If you eat a handful of these, letting some of them melt, you taste that fruity sweetness -- it's really something else! And now that I mostly work remotely these days, I want to add some variety to my meals/drinks. That's really kept things interesting, and it's got me curious about their other dark couvertures. Plus, I really respect that the owners have strong relationships with the farmers. Please don't run out of these :)