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Conexion Chocolate – Cocoa Runners

Conexion Chocolate – Cocoa Runners

Conexión Chocolate, founded by Jenny Samaniego in 2016, was rebranded as “Conexión” from its original name, Chukulat, to pay homage to its mission of ‘connecting’ local cacao farmers with lovers of fine Ecuadorian chocolate.

Conexión, making its chocolate at origin, works directly with cocoa farmers, which not only strengthens those farmers’ contributions to sustainable agriculture in Ecuador, but also empowers and supports them – a brand promise of Conexión.

Jenny grew up in Ecuador, studying and working in hospitality, but it was a move to New York City in 2008 that led her to start a career within the chocolate industry. Whilst then travelling around her home country and sourcing cacao for others, Jenny fell in love with Ecuador’s diverse landscape and its fine-flavour crop.

Having worked for well known cocoa and chocolate companies, Jenny now focuses on sourcing the best Arriba cacao for her own chocolate. This involves partnering with farmers from Manabi and Los Rios, and working together during post-harvest processes, such as fermentation and drying, to ensure Conexion obtains the best cacao possible.


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