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Cacao & Chocolate Summit 2022

The 4th Annual

Cacao & Chocolate Summit

May 25th & 26th / 10:30am ~ 3:00pm EST

May 25th & 26th
10:30am ~ 3:00pm EST

Building Resilience in the
Fine Cacao & Chocolate Marketplace

Virtual Experience
English & Spanish

The Cacao & Chocolate Summit is a unique meeting of minds from all across the fine cacao and chocolate value chain. A global gathering of experts, producers, chocolate makers, pastry chefs, NGOs, representatives of government, and consumers, we come together with the goal of creating a better future for everyone in this industry, and a better product for the world to enjoy. The conversations that begin here will help to ensure a sustainable industry that will not only survive the challenges we face, but thrive for many generations to come.

The Mission of The Cacao & Chocolate Summit is to share valuable knowledge, spark innovative ideas, and promote impactful education that can empower us all as we rise to face challenges and create opportunities.

Summit Objectives

The Cacao & Chocolate Summit
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