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Crafting Sustainability: Conexion Chocolate at BIOFACH 2024 with CREA

Crafting Sustainability: Conexion Chocolate at BIOFACH 2024 with CREA

In February 2024, Nuremberg hosted the BIOFACH trade show, which attracted the global community of organic food and natural and organic cosmetics. One of the prominent projects that participated in the event was CREA, led by Rikolto. CREA aims to connect sustainable products from Ecuador to the supply chain in the EU, thereby promoting fair trade and contributing to the sustainability of the environment and local communities.

As part of this initiative, Conexion Chocolate, a unique Ecuadorian specialty chocolate brand, was invited to participate in the trade fairs that hosted over 35,000 industry professionals from 128 countries. Conexion Chocolate's participation in BIOFACH 2024 was a significant opportunity to showcase the brand's products to a broad audience, including industry experts, potential customers, and stakeholders.

The trade fairs offered Conexion Chocolate an excellent platform to highlight its sustainable and direct trade systems and demonstrate how they benefit over 4,000 families of cacao farmers. By promoting sustainable farming practices and providing fair prices to farmers, Conexion Chocolate contributes to local communities' socio-economic development and helps preserve the environment.

Overall, the participation of CREA and Conexion Chocolate in BIOFACH 2024 was a remarkable opportunity to promote sustainable practices, create awareness about the importance of fair trade, and showcase the unique Ecuadorian specialty chocolate scene in the EU.


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