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Conexion Chocolate's Sweet Soirée and Symposium Journey

Conexion Chocolate's Sweet Soirée and Symposium Journey

In a sweet celebration of expertise and innovation, we recently had the privilege of participating in the Pastry and Chocolate Symposium and Soirée organized by the Fine Chocolate Industry Association. Held at the esteemed Melissa Coppel School, this event served as a melting pot for professionals in the pastry and chocolate industry to unite, share insights, and foster connections.

The symposium offered a platform for us to actively engage in discussions that revolved around the integration of fine chocolate into pastry kitchens. As advocates for quality and unique flavors, we seized the opportunity to explore new horizons and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

The exchange of ideas with like-minded individuals further enriched our perspective, making the entire experience both enlightening and inspiring.

Participating in events like the Pastry and Chocolate Symposium not only reinforces Conexion Chocolate's commitment to excellence but also strengthens our bonds within the community of amazing creators and artist that share the same love of chocolate as we do! 

We want to give an special space of appreciation to the chocolatier David Upchurch for representing us at the event with our amazing VINCES 85% HEIRLOOM RAW COUVERTURE CHOCOLATE DISCS we are privilege to pattern with amazing chocolatiers to bring big wins to the sustainable chocolate space.


David Upchurch with 85 Vinces Chocolate


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