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Conexión Grand Virgin Collection 10 Pack Dark Chocolates Variety Flavors | Gift Box, 1.1 Pounds

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Product Description

This collection is designed for lovers of pure cacao. Our unique minimally-roasted chocolate allows you to fully savor the natural flavors of the heirloom Nacional cacao, grown in Ecuador. We’ve also added some of our unique inclusions bars, which use additional flavors to create new experiences on your palate. Our chocolate is made right here in Ecuador, the country of origin, where we work together with our farmers to produce high quality, sustainable chocolate.

What's in the box:

  • (2) Virgin 70%, Raw Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (2) Virgin 85%, Raw Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (2) Anise & Quinoa 85%, Raw Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (2) Virgin With Cacao Nibs 100%, Raw Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (2) Lemon Verbena & Amaranth 70%, Raw Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (2) Pink Salt & Cacao Nibs 70%, Raw Dark Chocolate Bar