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Conexión Grand Roast Collection 10 Pack Dark Chocolates Variety Flavors | Gift Box, 1.1 Pounds

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Product Description

Experience how the process of roasting cacao impacts the final flavors of the bar with this collection including chocolate roasted at a variety of temperatures and for various lengths of time. Our fine chocolate bars are made with heirloom Nacional cacao and crafted in Ecuador, the country of origin. This allows us to work closely with the farmers throughout the entire process from growing cacao to fermentation, drying and finally roasting and turning it into chocolate.

What's in the box:

  • (2) Light Roast 64%, Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (2) Medium Roast 70%, Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (2) Dark Roast 81%, Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (2) Virgin 70%, Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (2) Virgin 85%, Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  • (1) Virgin 100% with Cacao Nibs, Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar