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Our History

Conexion Chocolate bars and cocoa pods


Conexion Chocolate Founder Jenny Samaniego preparing cocoa shipment with cacao farmer in Ecuador

The inspiration behind Conexión Chocolate grew when after years of working side by side with some of the most respected international professionals in the chocolate industry, Conexión Chocolate Founder, Jenny Samaniego, realized the needs and struggles of the Ecuadorian cacao farmers, who were producers of some of the best cacao in the world, and yet they were unable to find a market for their produce in the fine chocolate industry abroad which also had a lack of association to origin. In her heart, Jenny knew she needed to be their conexión.

The journey that led to Conexión Chocolate becoming a reality was difficult and exhausting but at the same time, exciting and rewarding. In 2011, Jenny founded her first company, Cocoa Provisions, which continues today, working shoulder to shoulder with the small-scale cacao farmers, bridging small batch, single origin cacao to the chocolate makers of the world. In 2013 the journey continued as Jenny launched her second company, Chukulat, and began making her own artisan chocolate couvertures in a heavily male dominated market.

In 2016, Jenny returned to Ecuador to deepen the principles of sustainability, traceability, and transparency. She rebranded as Conexión Chocolate, tantalizing the world with incredible organic, single origin, virgin/raw and roasted couvertures. In 2017, Conexión Chocolate’s first chocolate bars rolled into the market and by the end of 2018, they had won 19 national and international awards.


“Cacao to table” became the mantra. In a relentless pursuit of perfection, Jenny began to source all around the country for the finest cacao beans grown under sustainable, organic practices to capture the purity, aroma, and flavor profile of each cacao province. This unique sourcing business model makes it possible to trace its chocolate couvertures and bars to its single origin province. Insisting on direct trade practices, Conexión Chocolate connects the small scale cacao farmer to the fine chocolate industry. Using her expertise, Jenny crafts a wide variety of chocolate to satisfy every need and taste. Conexión’s virgin line is minimally processed and maintains most of the original character of the bean. The roasted line highlights the differences in roasting styles from light, to medium and dark, and intensifies various characteristics inherent to Arriba Nacional Cacao (internationally awarded for its unique floral aromas and fruity flavors-most sought after chocolate worldwide by fine chocolate professionals).


We, here at Conexión Chocolate, create award winning chocolates with, and for professionals! We bring the chocolatier the highest quality needed to distinguish their creations in a crowded marketplace. We give the Chocolate Lover a taste full of floral aromas, fruity notes, crisp snaps of freshness and quality, and ultimately, bursts of flavor profiles that are unique and outstanding.

By producing all of our chocolate from start to finish, in the country of origin, the economy of several rural Ecuadorian provinces have been positively affected. Over 2,000 small-scale family farmers are earning fair prices for their produce and increasing knowledge in the local industry, providing them a dignified livelihood.

We care about locating and preserving the native and special varieties of the finest Ecuadorian cacao plants. Partnering with various national and international organizations such as Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP), we work directly with cacao farmers in their fields to collect cacao DNA samples, verifying their authenticity and propagating them to keep the legacy of these unique varieties.

We consider our impact in the world, your impact as well, so let’s experience Conexión Chocolate together!

Conexion Chocolate discs piled with and cocoa beans
“Instill in the world our passion, perseverance and expertise for crafting the finest quality and sustainable chocolate.”CONEXIÓN CHOCOLATE