At Conexión, we produce chocolate exclusively with “fine or flavour” Arriba Naciónal cacao beans from Ecuador. Fine or flavour cocoa accounts for only 5% of the world’s production of chocolate, but it is all we use. Arriba is prized worldwide for its complexity, intensity, and balance. There has been a concerted effort in the chocolate industry in recent years to cut corners and increase yields in cacao production using GMO cacao. We are steadfast in our opposition to this movement! We will only use heirloom Arriba cacao and we work directly with Ecuador’s farmers to help restore and preserve this national (indeed terrestrial!) treasure.

Our chocolate begins and ends with Ecuador. We work with individual farmers in specific regions in selecting the best cacao beans in order to capture the purity, aroma, and taste of each area.

Organic practices. Paying farmers fair prices. Land conservation and rehabilitation. Preserving Arriba Nacional heirloom cacao. Promoting biodiversity. Empowering women. Involving youth. Strengthening communities. Offering education & technical training. Supporting over 2,000 small family farms! Direct Trade & Traceability. Connecting growers with consumers through Origin Tours.

We partner directly with cocoa farmers to strengthen their valuable contributions to sustainable agriculture, and to guarantee the cacao beans’ source to our customers, while using Organic and Fair Trade Certified cacao beans.

Conexión Chocolate´s unique bouquet of fruity flavors and floral aromas will inspire and empower your creations.


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