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Young Farmers Project: Keeping Cacao Alive in Ecuador

Young Farmers Project: Keeping Cacao Alive in Ecuador

Did you know that a significant portion of all cacao producers are over the age of 60? As the average age of cacao growers increases, we risk losing the important generational knowledge of growing, harvesting and processing cacao. This issue is particularly important for the farmers we work with,...
Baking with the Best Chocolate

Baking with the Best Chocolate

Whether you’re baking special holiday treats, your favorite chocolate chip cookie or brownie recipe, or an extravagant birthday cake, the chocolate used to craft your creations matters. In the same way you might opt for European-style butter or fresh local eggs to enrich the flavors of your bakin...
Close-up of cacao beans at a plantation in Ecuador with headline for Conexion Chocolate's Professional Chocolate Summer 2021 Collection

Professional Chocolate - Summer 2021 Collection

We are a sustainable business driven by a passion to preserve fine cacao and its unique flavors, produced by empowered communities, happy stakeholders, and inspired new generations. Our fine range of couverture is the culmination of a decade of experience working with Ecuadorian Nacional cacao an...
The Conexion Chocolate team standing together at The Cacao and Chocolate Summit

The Cacao And Chocolate Summit 2021: Inspiring Positive Change

Three years ago when Conexión Chocolate founder Jenny Samaniego dreamed up the first Cacao And Chocolate Summit, she envisioned an international meeting of the minds, a gathering of players all up and down the supply chain. The goal was to highlight the best, most sustainable, innovative, and eth...
Vinces cacao farmer Joaquin Leon Escobar with Jenny Samaniego

A Video Voyage to the APOVINCES Cacao Co-Op

Take a trip to the Ecuadoran province of Los Ríos and get a unique glimpse of the cacao farming and production process as seen through the eyes of those working in the APOVINCES Cacao Co-Op. In this video you will follow our founder Jenny Samaniego as she introduces you to some of the farmers we ...
Monthly Cacao and Chocolate Summit Live Sessions in 2021

Tune in to the Monthly Cacao and Chocolate Summit Sessions

We are proud to announce the launch of our monthly Cacao & Chocolate Summit Sessions! These fascinating Facebook Live discussions are co-hosted by Conexión Chocolate founder Jenny Samaniego, and Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate co-founder Jody Hayden. These two ladies lack nothing in their knowled...