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cacao and chocolate summit

The Conexion Chocolate team standing together at The Cacao and Chocolate Summit

The Cacao And Chocolate Summit 2021: Inspiring Positive Change

Three years ago when Conexión Chocolate founder Jenny Samaniego dreamed up the first Cacao And Chocolate Summit, she envisioned an international meeting of the minds, a gathering of players all up and down the supply chain. The goal was to highlight the best, most sustainable, innovative, and eth...
Monthly Cacao and Chocolate Summit Live Sessions in 2021

Tune in to the Monthly Cacao and Chocolate Summit Sessions

We are proud to announce the launch of our monthly Cacao & Chocolate Summit Sessions! These fascinating Facebook Live discussions are co-hosted by Conexión Chocolate founder Jenny Samaniego, and Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate co-founder Jody Hayden. These two ladies lack nothing in their knowled...
A hand holding a cocoa pod that has been cracked open

Cacao and Chocolate Summit 2019

::: [English] ::: Ecuadorian cocoa production, which enjoys wide international prestige, needs to rejuvenate to maintain quality in markets that seek its aroma and texture. That is one of the conclusions left by the Cacao and Chocolate Summit 2019 meeting, which was held on May 6 and brought toge...